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Vos Solutions sur mesure !

Alexandre Frézal Numérique propose a large amount of printing solutions according to your needs. Since 1972, our company Alexandre Frézal is proposing an incredible knowledge and a large amount of solutions for sublimation, textile printing, UV printing, 3D printing on different objects.
In 2004, our company started a new partnership with Roland for eco-solvent printing and print & cut printers. Today the printing flex is the most interesting solution for textile printing like shirts.
In 2007 we signed another partnership with Sawgrass to propose the best solution for sublimation printing. Today we have around 3000 products from Unisub and Chromaluxe which allows you to print on a large amount of goodies.

The Epson Sc-F2000 DTG printer for textile
The Epson Sc-F6200 printer for textile sublimation
The Roland Lef-20 for UV printing on bottles and objetcs
A large amount of DNP printers and inks for photo printing
The Tajima Embroidery
Our goal is to propose you the best quality equipment and technical support for your activity.
Alexandre Frézal Numérique has technical support, training for its customers.
We're gratefull for everyone who puts their hopes in our products and knowledge.